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Need a central and therefore consistent documentation of upgrade procedure



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      Within the phpbb.com website, there are a number of instances where the phpBB 3.x upgrade procedure is documented and unfortunately there are differences between each one. This makes it hard for a newer admin to find and follow the upgrade instructions. There should be one documented location and a common method (KB BBCode?) to link to it so that all other instances should refer to this one.

      It is made more difficult because many phpBB posters, including support team members, post instructions without a link to the documented location, thus increasing the number of sets of instructions that an admin may find.

      With the release of phPBB 3.2 the support forums are once again filling with reports of upgrade problems. The same happened in the phpBB 3.1 timeframe.

      Here are some examples that I've found. In particular there is a difference between the :

      The differences between the Downloads - Install or Update phpBB link and the ReadMe Before Posting in 3.2.x Support Forum caused me some trouble testing the upgrade to phpBB 3.2.

      A common documentation of the procedure/steps would go a long way to smoothing the upgrade process when a new feature release comes out IMHO.


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