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Link to phpBB Team in Categories is Broken


    • Type: Bug
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      While navigating through the Knowledge Base, I noticed a broken link. Whenever I am in a specific category of the Knowledge Base (eg: phpBB3 => Administration) if I see that an article was written by "phpBB Team" and I go to click the link to the team, it returns a 404 Error page. This problem only occurs with the link to the phpBB Team, and it only occurs when viewing a specific category in the Knowledge Base. The link to the phpBB Team in each category reads http://www.phpbb.com*/kb*/community/memberlist.php?mode=leaders_ when it should read _http://www.phpbb.com/community/memberlist.php?mode=leaders_ I believe. That _/kb shouldn't be in the URL.

      After checking the source code of the page, I've noticed that the link to the phpBB Team in the href= is this:


      When it should actually be this:


      There needs to be an extra ../ added to the URL. I've tested it using FireBug and it works.

      Just as a side note: I've noticed that if you navigate to a category without placing a backslash at the end of the URL (eg: _http://www.phpbb.com/kb/3.0/administration_), the link to the phpBB Team works fine. However, if you navigate to a category with the backslash at the end of the URL (eg: _http://www.phpbb.com/kb/3.0/administration*/*_ - this is the default linking), then the problem presists. Just thought I'd point that little matter out.




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