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      In reference to this thread I forgot about, i was asked to post this here.

      I do not work for vb or am associate in anyway I read through the list and just wanted to mention what was wrong. I havnt really gotten a chance to use phpbb3 since its gold release. I last used it in an early rc release so I do not know what some of the features are as their desciption on that list.
      Here are some things VB has that your list says it doesnt
      CAPTCHA Visual Confirmation: It has 3 different captcha methods in 3.7 including verbal.
      Force Password Change: VB can force a user to change their password every certain amount of time
      Quoting: You can fully embed quotes there is also an admin setting that when a user quotes a post it doesnt automatically put in the previous quote to prevent big sets of quote inside quote
      Allow/Disallow Vote Change: This is a yes
      Active Topics: Yes there is a nify icon for it
      Search Flood Control: Yes
      Forum Rules: Yes as of 3.7
      Post Sorting: Semi its admin controlled and controlled descend or asscend
      Manage Saved PM/Post Drafts: Yes
      Address Book: VB had a friend list pre 3.6 now has a full networking system in 3.7
      Message Drafts: Yes
      Group Types: Yes
      UCP Manage Group Memberships: Yes anyone who is the group leader can manage who is in it. Id like to point out that phpbb has the ability to add a user to your group if are leader. I miss this feature.
      Topic History: as of 3.7 yes it actually has a post history which would be the same
      Forum/Topic Logs: isnt that the same as topic history?
      Merging Posts: Yes
      Manage Bans: Yes
      Manage User Warnings: Yes
      User Notes: Yes
      Manage Group Memberships: Yes
      Banning by E-mail Address: Yes
      Customise/Edit Imagesets: Yes
      File Merge Diff Update Engine: NA this isnt needed as you dont need to edit files 99% of the time. They have a template/hook system. There is a template comparison system




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