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New Docs System




      The styling of the new docs system needs to be fixed (and optimized).


      • [x] Move all docs/ug/kb assets from `website.css` to a new `support_docs.css`
      • [x] Only load `support_docs.css` on `support/docs/` pages (old ug/, kb/ and documentation/ pages wont work anymore)
      • [x] Fix most glaring JS errors
      • [x] Move `documentation.css` into `support_docs.css`
      • [ ] Clean up templates
      • [ ] Clean up CSS (mostly done)
      • [X] Clean up JS
      • [x] Make responsive
      • [x] Make 3.0 / 3.1 toggle switch
      • [x] 3.0 / 3.1 switch backend
      • [ ] Comments backend
      • [ ] Manage / admin pages
      • [x] Support pages like https://www.phpbb.com/support/ need to link to the new support/docs (also for symfony website)
      • [x] The main .com header navigation needs to link to the new support/docs (also for symfony website)
      • [x] Fix UG ajax article loading
      • [x] Have links for UG PDF downloads
      • [x] support/docs welcome page needs some proper text copy
      • [x] Sync assets with symfony website
      • [ ] Check all templates (both old/ and symfony) for references to old docs/ug/kb

      _What we need for the backend:_

      • [ ] https://www.phpbb.com/support/docs/ug/ and https://www.phpbb.com/support/docs/kb/ are dangerous, should probably redirect
      • [ ] documentation_update.php needs updating (slugs used inside articles don't mach actual routes. They still use .php extensions etc)
      • [x] Links to other KB articles inside KB articles (linking from one KB to another) are broken
      • [x] Direct KB links with missing trailing slash are broken
      • [ ] KB attachment images are often loaded over insecure http
      • [x] Migrate all KB articles to the new docs system
      • [x] `S_IN_DOCS_ASCRAEUS` or `S_IN_DOCS_OLYMPUS` need to always be defined when in support/docs
      • [ ] UG comments system is broken
      • [x] UG side-menu items should scroll to `id="docbook"` when clicked. Otherwise mobile users have to scroll by the menu every time
      • [ ] KB categories (can't test them properly at the moment)
      • [ ] KB admin system is broken
      • [ ] Old UG and KB links need to redirect to the new support/docs, especially those which are used in the community forums
      • [ ] Optional: 3.0/3.1 toggle switch should link to the same UG page, but different version
      • [ ] Optional: simplify the repositories, perhaps we can get rid of `docs-system` repo entirely?
      • [ ] Optional: add support/docs/en/latest/kb/ so we can always link to the latest version?

      _When everything is finished:_

      • [ ] Remove documentation.css
      • [ ] Remove all traces of the old docs/UG/KB systems




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