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Configuration Settings in DB cleaner


    • Type: Bug
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      This rapport is related to http://www.phpbb.com/bugs/supportteamtools/61315 with is marked as fixed. After fixing it, STK either have bad language left (==not understandable) or is not fixed, STK DB cleaner gives me all these rows as modificated and suggest I remove 'em. If I remove them or some of them I get various SQL errors but surely never a working board again, neither a working STK.

      The board I am cleaning up is a test board that have been updated from 2.0.21 --> some RC and then through several 3.x.x and RC:s and I have had Automod and many (mostly validated) MODs installed and slappy removed. I start cleaning with a fully working 3.0.7-PL1 board and have came back to this same point quit a few times now and think that none of these suggested rows should be deleted, but they are marked as default anyway.

      Ta bort == remove in Swedish

      Any fields with a red background like this are missing items that should be added. If the check box is selected it will be added.
      Any others are extra items added by modifications. If the check box is selected it will be removed.
      Configuration Settings
      Rows 	Type 	Action 	
      allow_avatar 	Extra 	Ta bort 	
      allow_avatar_remote_upload 	Extra 	Ta bort 	
      allow_pm_report 	Extra 	Ta bort 	
      allow_quick_reply 	Extra 	Ta bort 	
      captcha_plugin 	Extra 	Ta bort 	
      check_attachment_content 	Extra 	Ta bort 	
      compress_method 	Extra 	Ta bort 	
      dbms_version 	Extra 	Ta bort 	
      delete_time 	Extra 	Ta bort 	
      enable_queue_trigger 	Extra 	Ta bort 	
      feed_enable 	Extra 	Ta bort 	
      feed_forum 	Extra 	Ta bort 	
      feed_item_statistics 	Extra 	Ta bort 	
      feed_limit 	Extra 	Ta bort 	
      feed_overall_forums 	Extra 	Ta bort 	
      feed_overall_forums_limit 	Extra 	Ta bort 	
      feed_overall_topics 	Extra 	Ta bort 	
      feed_overall_topics_limit 	Extra 	Ta bort 	
      feed_topic 	Extra 	Ta bort 	
      ftp_host 	Extra 	Ta bort 	
      ftp_method 	Extra 	Ta bort 	
      ftp_port 	Extra 	Ta bort 	
      ftp_root_path 	Extra 	Ta bort 	
      ftp_timeout 	Extra 	Ta bort 	
      ftp_username 	Extra 	Ta bort 	
      increment_user_id 	Extra 	Ta bort 	
      mime_triggers 	Extra 	Ta bort 	
      min_post_chars 	Extra 	Ta bort 	
      new_member_group_default 	Extra 	Ta bort 	
      new_member_post_limit 	Extra 	Ta bort 	
      pm_max_recipients 	Extra 	Ta bort 	
      preview_changes 	Extra 	Ta bort 	
      queue_trigger_posts 	Extra 	Ta bort 	
      referer_validation 	Extra 	Ta bort 	
      smilies_per_page 	Extra 	Ta bort 	
      write_method 	Extra 	Ta bort 	




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