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Ban System Overhaul




      Improve the existing ban system by a) fully rehaulling the front end; and b) small feature additions.

      Front End:
      UI Rehaul to make controling bans more user friendly - modules essentially the same for both MCP and ACP and will consist of two pages as opposed to one. First page is viewing bans, this will have two columns. Left column is a list of usernames/IP's which are banned, upon selecting a row the right column is filled in with this data. Ability to edit or remove the ban from this page would be possible. Actions could perhaps be logged. The add new ban page is essentially as it is now. Javascript/AJAX enhancements would work - whilst keeping it to a minimum and serve only as to make easier. Datapicker for custom end dates would be benefitial. Javascript confirm dialogs could be used for confirmations, where javascript is not enabled it would fall back to the standard extra page dialog.

      Have a banned group in which all users are moved to when banned and removed from upon unbanning. This would allow custom ranks which is a feature people would find helpful.

      Core Changes:
      Bantu said: "I guess we should also improve how wildcard bans are handled. Especially IP bans."


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