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Reviewing topics/posts - not correctly displayed




      I seriously think it's a bug. Sorry if it's not. Someone else agrees.

      I use phpbb in French, so maybe there are some texts which are not exactly the correct ones...

      My board has 2 forums where I have to review and approve messages so they can be displayed.

      I click on "MCP" and I can see the list of topics/posts to be reviewed.

      I click on one, I accept it and then I am brought back to the list of topics to be reviewed.
      If there are no more topics to be reviewed, only posts, then the list is empty - that's OK.

      But if I click on the "waiting posts" tab, the list is empty even if there are posts to be reviewed!

      I have to click again on "Go" next to the list of forums, so they are visible again.

      To me, it's a bug.

      Furthermore if I'm in the "waiting posts" tab (not the "waiting topics" tab), I am always brought back to the "waiting topics" tab, which means I have to click again on "waiting posts" and on the "Go" button to continue reviewing posts. Quite heavy...

      Another annoying thing: if you have several forums with topics/posts to be reviewed, the system always goes back to the last forum reviewed. So you can easily miss posts. It would be much better to stay with the "all the forums" option by default, which would save again some clicks... If you are in a particular forum when clicking on the "MCP" that's fine, but that's not what I'm doing.

      Thanks for your help. I have some screenshots here: http://www.phpbb.com/community/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=1398475
      (I have this problem since version 3.0.1 I think)





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