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Fault after upgrade to 3.3.8



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    • 3.3.8
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    • BBCode Engine
    • Webb hosting (Loopia/Sweden, PHP8.1, Apache 2.4)


       {{ [size=115]color=#368AD2[b]Support Request Template[/b][/color][/size]}}
      color=#cc6600[b]What version of phpBB are you using?[/b][/color] phpBB 3.3.8
      color=#cc6600[b]What is your board's URL?[/b][/color] www.motessparet.se
      color=#cc6600[b]Who do you host your board with?[/b][/color] Loopia (Sweden), PHP=8.1
      color=#cc6600[b]How did you install your board?[/b][/color] I used the download package from phpBB.com
      color=#cc6600[b]What is the most recent action performed on your board?[/b][/color] Update from a previous version of phpBB3
      color=#cc6600[b]Is registration required to reproduce this issue?[/b][/color] No
      color=#cc6600[b]Do you have any MODs installed?[/b][/color] No
      color=#cc6600[b]Do you have any extensions installed?[/b][/color] No
      color=#cc6600[b]What version of phpBB3 did you update from?[/b][/color] phpBB 3.3.0
      color=#cc6600[b]What styles do you currently have installed?[/b][/color] we_universal
      color=#cc6600[b]What language(s) is your board currently using?[/b][/color] swedish
      color=#cc6600[b]Which database type/version are you using?[/b][/color] MariaDB
      color=#cc6600[b]What is your level of experience?[/b][/color] Comfortable with PHP and phpBB
      actions did you take (updating your board; installing a MOD, style or
      extension; etc.) prior to this problem becoming noticeable?[/b][/color]
      Moving from 3.3.0 to 3.3.8, downloaded the first part, got an issue
      and had to download an update_archive. After cleaning cache the forum is
      running in 3.3.8 and under PHP 8.1.}}
      describe your problem.[/b][/color] The page search for user/group and
      hitting Search gives an empty page as a result, showing the source code
      only gives "1" indicating an PHP-error in code. I've a PDF with screen
      dumps showing this fault.}}
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