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Sphinx search backend does not find soft-deleted or unapproved posts



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    • 3.3.7, 3.3.9
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    • OS: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
      Database: postgreSQL 12.9
      PHP: 7.4.29 (8.1.14 as of 19-March-2023)


      I recently switched from the postgreSQL Fulltext to the Sphinx Fulltext search backend.

      When viewing a member's posts via the member profile, unapproved or soft-deleted posts were always visible with the postgreSQL Fulltext search backend (also the phpBB Native Fulltext search backend).

      These posts are no longer visible with the Sphinx search backend.

      For example, a new member submits a post for approval which is held for review in the Moderator Control Panel. When I view the member's profile, I see "1 post in queue", but "Total posts: 0". The post is not shown in the member's post search results.

      When a moderator soft-deletes a post, that post is not shown in the member's post search results. I can review soft-deleted topics and posts in the Moderator Control Panel, but there is no search function. It is nearly impossible to find soft-deleted posts in this manner.

      The Sphinx search backend should display these posts consistent with the postgreSQL Fulltext and phpBB Native Fulltext backends.

      This bug may have been present in prior phpBB versions, but this is my first use of the Sphinx search backend.




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