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Display NO_TOPICS_TIME_FRAME in viewforum




      Inside topics (viewtopic.php), an user can define a time frame (ex: if the option "7 days" is selected, only the posts published within the last 7 days are displayed). If there is no recent post, the board returns that message:

      No posts exist inside this topic for the selected time frame.

      Inside topics lists (viewforum.php), an user can also define a time frame. If there is no recent topic/reply, the board returns either only the announcements (regardless when these and their last replies have been published) or that message:

      There are no topics or posts in this forum.

      The board should include the announcements in the time frame (display these only if they have recent posts, just like in the search results with a time frame) and return that other message if there is no recent announcement/post and reply:

      No topics exist inside this forum for the selected time frame

      That language string exists in common.php (NO_TOPICS_TIME_FRAME) but it isn't used.

      To display NO_TOPICS_TIME_FRAME, it isn't needed to edit viewforum.php. Using that code in viewforum_body.html, at the end of topicrow loop, is enough (the S_SORT_DAYS template variable is defined in viewforum.php):

      <!-- BEGINELSE --> <!-- IF S_IS_POSTABLE --> <div class="panel"> <div class="inner"> <strong><!-- IF S_SORT_DAYS -->{L_NO_TOPICS_TIME_FRAME}<!-- ELSE -->{L_NO_TOPICS}<!-- ENDIF --></strong> </div> </div> <!-- ELSE IF not S_HAS_SUBFORUM --> <div class="panel"> <div class="inner"> <strong>{L_NO_FORUMS_IN_CATEGORY}</strong> </div> </div> <!-- ENDIF --><!-- END topicrow -->




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