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Smilie PAK Installation → Installed Smilies Order Doesn't Match PAK File


    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 3.2.8
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    • Component/s: ACP
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      *+What Is Occurring?
      +*I have 119 new Emoji to upload. They are ordered in the Smilie.PAK file according to how I would like them to be ordered on the forum. But after uploading the file, the order is broken in several areas. After seeking support, it was determined that the file order broke as soon as it encountered a differing value in the "Display On Posting Page" field.

      If all values are set to '1' or '0', then the images will install (during PAK installation) in the proper order. The value of the first image establishes whether 1's or 0's will be expected in all images that come after it. As soon as phpBB encounters an image with an opposite setting in this field, then the order is disrupted; with one exception. I did an install where the first 54 files were set to '1' and the last 65 were set to '0'. The files displayed correctly.


      What Is The Expected Behavior?

      The files should upload in the same order they are listed in the PAK file, regardless of their Display setting.


      1. Deleted all files in [c]/images/smilies/[/c]
      2. Uploaded images and PAK file to same location.
      3. Installed through the ACP (Posting → Smilies), choosing the "Delete All" option during installation.


      +Helpful Files
      +Note: Added files to Issue, but also linking to remote resources for convenience.

      1. The contents of my PAK file.
      2. Smilies Listing in the ACP: Part One, Part Two, Part Three
      3. Side-by-Side Comparison (all 119 images)




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