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.mov videos exhibit issues when uploaded to phpBB from iOS devices



      On my test phpBB board (http://59plymouth.net/59test/viewtopic.php?f=49&t=3351) I have uploaded a .mov video three different ways from the iPhone on which the video was produced:

       1) I emailed from my iPhone to an account I accessed on Windows 8.1, extracted the attachment, and uploaded to my board from Windows;

      2) I directly uploaded from my iPhone to my board; and

      3) I attached my iPhone to my Windows 8.1 computer, copied the .mov, and uploaded from Windows.

      Apparently, the iPhone scaled the video in (1); about 8MB on the iPhone (according to a Windows browse of the device in (3)), it was less than .5MB in the email attachment.  Nonetheless, after upload to my board, and download back to my Windows computer - it plays in the default Windows Media Player.

      If I download the .mov that was uploaded by iPhone in (2), it is about 4MB - roughly half the size of the actual video on the iPhone.  It will not play in Windows Media Player.  Curiously, it will play in VLC for Windows.

      If I download the .mov that was uploaded from Windows in (3), it is 8MB, the actual size on the iPhone.  It will play in Windows Media Player.

      When I click on the link for (1), (2) or (3) on my iPhone, the iPhone immediately attempts to play them - and fails for all of them.  There is no opportunity to download.

      Whether the .mov is uploaded directly from my iPhone - or, copied to Windows and uploaded from there - the download experience should be the same.  But, it is not.  The file size is about half of what it should be by direct upload from my iPhone.




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