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Users with disabled "Can send instant messages" permission can view jabber address




      When an user is not allowed to send mail to another member, he or she cannot view the another member's mail (even if the board doesn't hide email addresses due to the email settings).

      Obviously, the link "Send email to XXXX" isn't visible in the another member's profile. Same thing happens on private message when you are not allowed to send it. The option disappears also in contact fields of topic pages.

      There is a problem with Jabber. If Jabber is enabled and the user can send instant messages, he or she views the link "send Jabber member". That's OK. But if the user is not allowed to send instant messages, the Jabber is still available in profiles.

      Worse, the actual Jabber address is no longer hidden when the Jabber-related permission is disabled. Depending on board styles, it's also still possible to search member (memberlist_search) with a jabber address. The only good behavior is the absence of Jabber in the contact filed of topic page.

      See the attachments to view the effect on disabling some permissions in the profiles...


      EDIT1: The sorting memberlist by jabber address is set in memberlist.php

      if ($config['jab_enable'])
        $sort_key_text['k'] = $user->lang['JABBER'];
        $sort_key_sql['k'] = 'u.user_jabber';

      EDIT2: The visible Jabber address (when Jabber feature is enabled on the board whereas the user permission "can send instant messages" is disabled) is defined in includes/functions_display.php

      'USER_JABBER'		=> ($config['jab_enable']) ? $data['user_jabber'] : '',

      In prosilver template memberlist_view.html

      <!-- ELSEIF USER_JABBER --><dt>{L_JABBER}{L_COLON}</dt> <dd>{USER_JABBER}</dd>



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