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Database table phpbb_posts keeps crashing and corrupting even after many repairs


    • Type: Bug
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    • Priority: Major
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    • Affects Version/s: 3.0.14
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      Bluehost VPS server, host claims servers are fine. MYSQL version 5.4


      Dear phpbb developers,

      My forum database table called "phpbb_posts" keeps crashing and this is a recurring problem, even when fixed. Every time I repair it using phpmyadmin, it says it's ok, but it eventually crashes again, especially if I try to optimize the table. First it said the index file was wrong. Then it said the key was in the wrong position. Then it crashes if I try to do anymore and the whole forum will not operate.

      Lately my forum has been slowing down and lagging and crashing a lot, with "time out" errors, especially when I try to submit a post. I have been discussing this issue with phpbb support staff in the phpbb support forum in this thread here:


      Please see the conversation above. No one seems to know what's wrong. My webhost denies anything is wrong with their servers, and phpbb support denies there's anything wrong with phpbb platform and claims it must be the webhost server. Both sides blame the other and doesn't want to admit the problem is on their end. So I am stuck.

      This appears to be a common problem. Other people have reported that this table "phpbb_posts" has also crashed in their forum. See the Google search below to see many threads in the phpbb forum where this has been reported by others as well, not just me.



      It appears that this must be due to some deep corruption or flaw or incompatibility in the database that cannot be detected by normal repair tools or phpmyadmin system. And it is persistent and recurring unfortunately. I've had this problem for several years now with all the phpbb 3 versions that I've used.

      Therefore, I request that you look into repairing this somehow, since this is not an easy problem to solve.

      By the way, in case you need to examine or test it, the link to my forum is:


      Thanks for your attention.









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