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Use wrong word in ACP for logged administrators actions



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    • 3.2.1
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      I was told to report this in the bug tracker and below describe the problem.

      [quote=david63 post_id=14859826 time=1509839042 user_id=38086]
      [quote="Ancient Viking" post_id=14859781 time=1509823651 user_id=1338480]
      I don't know if anyone have notice a minor grammer in the ACP and what I mean is this.

      On the quick tab in the ACP at the bottom there you see "Administrators Logged Actions" or similar.

      Should an admin edit one forum or several forums for a group then this will be displayed.

      "Added or edited groups' forum access [b]color=#0040FFfrom[/color][/b] Your first forum"

      Shouldn't the "from" word be "for", maybe the "for the" phrase can be used, otherwise it doesn't make sense at least not to me.
      [/quote]If you believe that to be incorrect then you should post it in the Bug Tracker where it will stand a chance of being dealt with by the developers
      I do believe it is incorrect, especially for a Swedish translator.  Because it sounds weird when translated the English word "from" into the Swedish word "ifrån" and url=http://folkets-lexikon.csc.kth.se/folkets/folkets.en.html#lookup&from&2here[/url] can you see it forself.  Which also show why the English word "url=http://folkets-lexikon.csc.kth.se/folkets/folkets.en.html#lookup&for&2for[/url]", translated to "för" in Swedish, should replace the word "from".




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