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Both Notifications and PMs icons are not clickable when there are 0 counts in MOBILE view.


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    • Affects Version/s: 3.1.11
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      PHP 5.6.28, MySQL 5.5.55, Firefox 54.0.1


      Okay, after update from 3.1.10 to 3.1.11-- my members noticed an issue on the navbar_header.html when using a mobile device in vertical mode.


      Before with phpBB 3.1.10 when they had 0 counts for both the Notifications and PMs, it would display the icon followed by a black 0.  And even though they had no new messages or notifications, they could still click on them to see the drop-down for the notifications or go to the PM page.


      Before (phpBB 3.1.10)


      Well, this is no longer the case with phpBB 3.1.11.  Now the new code will hide the count for both of them if they have no new notifications or messages.  And if they try to click on the icons, they don't do anything.  They are not clickable, since they have no links to them.


       After (phpBB 3.1.11)


      Here are the code changes for the navbar_header.html: https://area51.phpbb.com/code-changes/3.1.10/side-by-side/3.1.11/phpbb-styles-prosilver-template-navbar_header.html.html


      See a before and after picture below...


      I think right now the only solution is for me to remove the following code for each one?  But I think we need to figure out another plan?


      <!-- IF not PRIVATE_MESSAGE_COUNT --> hidden<!-- ENDIF -->

      <!-- IF not NOTIFICATIONS_COUNT --> hidden<!-- ENDIF -->


      But then that leaves the red circle with a 0 inside.  (see my dirty-fix-solution attachment below) – I guess that's not what was intended with the red badge for 0 counts?  Any other way to fix this, I wonder?


      Dirty-Fix-Solution (phpBB 3.1.11)


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