As we can see on this image I've point out 2 options:

      1 - Users send email via board
      2 - Hide email addresses
      If I set 1 and 2 to YES, the option 1 will override the option 2 and imo it shouldnt at all.

      Right now if I put 1 to YES and 2 to NO, it will appear the email option. (works great)
      If I put NO for both it will appear the email option with the real email address. (works great too)
      If I put 1 to NO and 2 to YES it will hide the email adress and thats working great.

      The only thing that isnt for me working as it should is when I put both as YES. It should hide the email address and it isn't hidding.


      Other problem with this 2nd option of Hide email adress is that when enable, on UCP - Board Preferences - Edit Global Settings, it appears "Users can contact me by email:" option.
      It shouldnt appear, since I've "hide" all the email adress.

      The thing is, If I want to disable the email address for my forum, im unable to remove all email related thing from the forum.

      So the forum options should hide the UCP options when those options will be override.
      I say email, as I say "Allow users to send you private messages", "Hide my online status", etc, it shouldnt appear if the user choice will not be valid.




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