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Ranks based on post count not being displayed in posts for members



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    • 3.1.0-RC5
    • 3.1.0-RC6
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      I use member rank images on my forum that worked fine before. Now since upgrading to RC5 they are not being displayed for a member that just joined and made 1 post, but on their profile page the rank is displayed for them (so rank image is there) and works on their profile page. Odd thing is though, I have a guest board also that they can post on, and a guest post made on that "does show" a rank image with rank title for guest (but they use "set as special rank" option), same a staff ranks which are not based on post count (and they get displayed).

      I've double checked to make sure a rank is there still to be used for a member with 1 post (which it is) in admin cp. So no idea why this member who just posted and is listed under registered usersgroup - that uses rank images has not displayed one, neither a rank title.

      I re-downloaded the RC5 package and replaced the viewtopic_body.html tempate with one from that (because I've made some changes to that template). But even using a clean version of it and clearing all cache does same thing, no ranks displayed for members.

      Just to add - if I'm using "Set as special rank" they get displayed in posts. It seem it's related to NOT using special ranks based on post count instead.Could it mabe have something to do with a change made to code in "viewtopic_body.html" template?

      Read this post made on forums first before reporting it in tracker: https://www.phpbb.com/community/viewtopic.php?f=466&t=2265686


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