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improve interface for save draft feature



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      When phpbb3.0 was being developed, I suggested a number of improvements to the interface and functionality of the save post feature (see https://area51.phpbb.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=21740). I got no traction then but I figured now would be a good time to try again. Let me know what you think.

      On the interface:

      • In the list of drafts, I see no reason to include a 'view/edit' link. The 'view/edit' concept appears to add nothing to the 'load' link, since if you load a draft you can from that screen either submit it (as a live post) or save it again (as a draft). Seems like giving the option to view/edit just confuses things (and more importantly confuses users). I suggest that the only option should be to load the draft.
      • I think that wherever there is a link to 'view your posts' there should also be a link to 'view your drafts' so that it's obvious where a user is supposed to find the drafts (many users are intimidated going into the user control panel and it would be good to make it easy for them to find their drafts).
      • With that change, I think the four submit buttons in a regular post window (load, save, preview and submit) is unnecessarily confusing. If a user wants to find and work on a draft, I think the user should just go to the list of drafts (via the link I suggest above) and click on the draft he or she wants to work on. That will load the draft and allow the user to further edit and then post or re-save it.
      • I suggest the language of the relevant button in the post window should read 'save as draft' rather than 'save' so that it's more obvious to users that when the post gets saved they can find it in their list of 'drafts'.
      • I think there should be a single draft list that includes both draft posts and draft pms in one place (with draft posts at the top and draft pms underneath). Right now a user's drafts are split between the manage draft list and the manage draft pms list, but it's confusing for users to have two lists of drafts and combining them will simplify their experience.

      My save full drafts mod implements all of the foregoing for phpbb3, but it would be nice if I didn't need that mod for phpbb3.1 or 3.2.

      I have a suggestion on functionality of the save draft feature as well, but that suggestion goes beyond the interface and would require more drastic changes in phpbb so I will post it separately (see http://tracker.phpbb.com/browse/PHPBB3-11955).


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