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All topic notifications are deleted if one reply is edited and needs to be approved



      <nickvergessen> if you add a reply to a topic
      <nickvergessen> subscribers are notifiied?
      <EXreaction> yes
      <nickvergessen> okay
      <nickvergessen> so when another reply is added
      <nickvergessen> the notification is updated?
      <EXreaction> depends; if you've not read it yet, for topic replies, it adds respondents to the notification
      <EXreaction> if you read it, it adds a new notification
      <nickvergessen> no the user didnt visit the board
      <nickvergessen> so what does "adds respondents" mean?
      <EXreaction> a, b, c replied to topic x
      <nickvergessen> okay
      <nickvergessen> so if now the post is edited
      <nickvergessen> you trigger
      <nickvergessen> $phpbb_notifications->delete_notifications('topic', $data['topic_id']);
      <EXreaction> that's only if the post requires approval
      <nickvergessen> yeah
      <nickvergessen> but still
      <EXreaction> yes, with respondents, that could cause an issue; please file a bug ticket
      <nickvergessen> yeah
      <nickvergessen> so im correct that all notifications are deleted
      <nickvergessen> not only the once that should?
      <EXreaction> well, there is only one notification in that situation
      <EXreaction> and it would be deleted
      <nickvergessen> but shouldnt
      <nickvergessen> okay
      <EXreaction> correct, it should be altered
      <nickvergessen> also please note
      <nickvergessen> an unapproved first post
      <nickvergessen> does not mean that the topic is unapproved in softdelete branch/after merge


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